Fiat Argenta – the unknown middle act

Fiat Argenta – the unknown middle act The sun is shining over the fields. The road goes up and down, and meanders through wooden groves, open fields and preety homes. The fourth gear is in and the rev meter is at 3500.  “Level down” says Per. Without thinking, I push down the clutch pedal, gear […]

VW Kleinbus from the death

VW Kleinbus from the death On a overgrown field stood the body of metal just waiting for death. Shrubs, trees and grass were on the way to let the body shift back to nature.  That body’s round roof was rusty and the body’s fine shapes have slowly been decomposed by mother nature’s resources.  It was […]

Magnum and Grandmas Pontiac Grand Am

Magnum and Grandmas Pontiac Grand Am “Magnum is gonna have this Pontiac Grand Am when I pass away” – Magnum often heard this when he was growing up, while he greeted his grandmother Lucretia Price in Detroit. Those were words he didn’t really take seriously. Six years ago Grandma’s Pontiac Grand Am from 1975 – […]

BMW 635 CSi – High way shark

The steering wheel of the BMW 635 CSI from 1986 is steady in my hand while we drive through the suburban areas. The whole car feels just like every article explains, a motorway train. Bumps, holes in the ground and irregularities are swallowed by the soft and robust suspension. “This was BMW’s response to Mercedes […]

Original Civic from 1978 with 216 hp

Original Civic from 1978 with 216 hp Social media, American dream, Coffee n Cars, garage in the middle of Los Angeles, 216 horsepower that does not want to get into the ground on an award-winning car from 1978. Next to me in a garage in Los Angeles stands Juan Salguero, a master of details everyone […]

Renault Alpine A310 – eight year of dream car hell

Renault Alpine A310 – eight year of dream car hell After the summer season 2009 Johan put his Renault Alpine A310 in the garage for the winter. The decision matured while the leaves were falling and later when the spring were starting to crack up, eight years of renovation began. Two persistent souls refused to […]

Garage 77 – Ultimate Members Garage

Garage 77 – The ultimate members garage Do you also want to have your own garage with all possible dream cars? Where you can pick and choose which car you want for the day. Just to choose the Porsche to picking your wife up from work one day or the Bronco to fetch the kids […]

Grandpas Porsche 356

This story and pictures are told by Steven Mazzapesa.  Grandpa´s Porsche 356 Fascinating Cars is about giving people a chance to tell their story or being part of a story. Steven reached out to me on our Facebook-page, after our Los Angeles trip and told his story about his Grandpa and the Porsche 356 c […]

The Lamborghini Cocktail

The Lamborghini Cocktail Ping! The note on the phone conveyed that the long-awaited message had landed in my Instagram inbox. “I am in Katrineholm at 12 o’clock. Moving cars. See you there.” Looking at the clock, realize that it takes me exactly two hours to come down from Stockholm to Katrineholm. Packs the camera, takes the […]