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The McLaren MP4-12C – a little brother to McLaren’s legacy from the entire F1 world as well as the predecessor, McLaren F1!

Did meet Jan Skjoldhammer that took me for a ride in what I do see it the most fantastic modern super car.

A the moment the prices are so low, you should get one before you can’t afford it – because this car is something out of the ordinary.

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The new Rally Beetle from the past


Jimmy’s 1956 Rally Beetle is crafted for the thrill of Cold Balls racing in Östersund and merges vintage Volkswagen charm with rally resilience.

This Rally Beetle is not just a car; it’s a symbol of dedication, equipped for Swedish winters and the competitive spirit of racing. With its 1950s heart and a cabin designed for warmth and acoustics, it invites enthusiasts into the essence of adventure and automotive passion.

Jimmy’s creation stands as a tribute to the enduring allure of vintage motoring, driven by the excitement of being a part of a community.

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450 bulldog powers coming your way


Do not stand in its way – this machine is stuffed with 450 bulldog horse powers and it will move what ever its in front of it.

It began as a joint project with his father a decade ago. Now, you can spot this olive-green Ford Escort Bulldog Machine cruising the streets and circuits of Sweden, eagerly awaiting your attention.

Three Italians – soon to be barn finds?


Three remarkable classic cars have been tucked away in a garage for almost 20 years. These unique and unusual cars should be showcasing their elegance on the streets, rather than remaining in the dark.

Are these Italian beauties soon to become barn finds?

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