Fascinating Cars and their owners

450 bulldog powers coming your way


Do not stand in its way – this machine is stuffed with 450 bulldog horse powers and it will move what ever its in front of it.

It began as a joint project with his father a decade ago. Now, you can spot this olive-green Ford Escort Bulldog Machine cruising the streets and circuits of Sweden, eagerly awaiting your attention.

Three Italians – soon to be barn finds?


Three remarkable classic cars have been tucked away in a garage for almost 20 years. These unique and unusual cars should be showcasing their elegance on the streets, rather than remaining in the dark.

Are these Italian beauties soon to become barn finds?

Walt Grace Vintage – let’s you dream loud


After 25 years in the media industry, Bill Goldstein had an epiphany while listening to John Mayer in the shower. He realized that he had to follow the path where his passion lies. After hearing the song about Walt Grace, he allowed himself to dream loudly.

This is the story of Walt Grace Vintage – Cars and Guitars, and how it all began.

Sandlund Art – where car models comes to life

 Ford-GT49-scale-model-CMR-Fascinating Cars front-page

Have you ever dreamt of maken that scale model you build look more used,  worn down and rusty?

If you need inspiration, do have a look at the art cars that Magnus is building – they are amazing!

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI with pace

Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI Fascinating Cars Front page

Do you know what Pace Car is called in Italian? 

Neither did Niklas – but this is the story about a 51 year old lady with pace. 

Mickes cool California Look Beetle from 1967

California Look Beetle 1967

Micke got tired of scraping his Rat Beetle in the ground.

After four years of renovating, welding, painting, screwing and building his engine on the kitchen table – the amazing Cal Look Beetle is done.

Patrik´s rusty Hard Core Patina Porsche 912 from 1967

Patina Porsche 912 hard core first page

Fascinating Cars had the opportunity to follow up on Patriks amazing Porsche 912 from 1967.

It was two years ago we did meet this magician – so just imagen that things have happened.

Nissan Skyline R34 – 453 hp with a curse

Nissan Skyline R34 - 1998 front page

This car has a curse – almost every time Jimmy comes around with Voodoo it rains and animals have somekind of habit to jump up on the road when they here the 453 hp beast coming along.

Read about Jimmy and his fantastic engine build that have made this car predictably fun.

Saab 96 from 1964 become the carrot

Saab 96 - front page Fascinating cars

Rickard was 15 years old when he purchased Sigbritt.

“To get it rolling, approved by the MOT before I got my drivers license, was my carrot” Rickard tells with a smile.

This is the result of over 2500 hours of working – from a person never renovated a car before.

VW Klienbus from 1957 – is back from the dead

Patina Kleinbus 1957

After 40 years as dead with nature as the only friend – Micke took “the Pirates” bus back on the road again.

Three, almost four, years of renovating gave life to a rutten Kleinbus.

BMW 635 CSi – The Freeway shark

BMW 635 CSi Front Page

The classic yuppi car had long been Tomas dream car.

But like any other partner this one have had relationships before.

Only that, this one have had a more interesting background, then others.

Ferrari 308 GTB QV – the modified dream car

Ferrari 308 GTB QV behind the trees and leafs. Front page of Fascinating Cars

Torbjörn bought his dream car – the classic looking sports car Ferrari 308 GTB.

At once when he had it in his hands, he did start to modify it for trackracing, with out you even notice it.

Honda Civic Cvcc from 1978 with 216 wild hp

Juan Salguero´s Honda Civic Cvcc from 1978

Outside this 40 year old car look original and almost stock.

But almost every cm/inch of this car has been tempered with.

Read about a car that kick Lamborghinis ass and make people say “WHOOW!”

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Alfa Romeo light blue standing in the garage and dark

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