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How did the Fascinating Cars passion start?


How did Fascinating Cars passion start?

Throughout my life I have always had a love for cars.

The first memory of a car is when my stepfather let me sit in his lap when we rally raced down the dirt road to our house in a white Ford Cortina.

He confidently claimed that the car we were driving was the absolute best in the world for rallying. Naturally, I wholeheartedly believed him, convinced that this specific car reigned supreme and was the fastest in the entire rally circuit.

My belief persisted until that fateful day in adulthood when I stumbled upon a photograph of the car. To my surprise, it depicted an ordinary, unpolished Ford Cortina of the simplest kind.

At first a bit disappointed, but what the heck … it made my motor interest grow.

Ford Cortina Original

Letter to the Swedish Porsche Club

Our family were data “pioneers” because my father worked with IT from the very “beginning.” This meant that we always had the latest PC at home.

It was both fun and depressing. What could one do with a PC in 1987?

Writing, calculating, and playing chess.

So, after I had “played” with counting and writing, and had grown tired of chess, I had to find something more to do with the computer. After all, it was just standing there.

I sat down and wrote a short letter along with a long list of questions.

This letter was later sent to the Swedish Porsche Club.

Porsche Club Sverige - Fascinating Cars

The letter sounded like this:


My name is Peter Edenberg and I am 12 years old.

I am interested in cars and I think that Porsche is a very nice car.

Would like to know more about Porsche and about your club.



The list of questions that was sent with the letter had the quality like:

What is a horsepower? How fast can a engine spinn? How much arid should it be in the tires?

Car fair, Track Days and Porsche

It took two weeks, and then someone knocked on our front door. There stood Ulf Tolérus, the Vice Chairman of the Swedish Porsche Club.

He introduced himself, handed me tickets to the Swedish Car Fair that was about to happen in about a week, and mentioned that I could join the club’s various activities whenever I wanted.

When the Swedish Car Fair did come up a week later, I skipped school for the entire week, made my way across town, and walked around all the cars while wearing a constant smile. 12 years old.

Over the next few years, I followed the Porsche Club to lectures, slalom competitions at Stockholm Airport, track days at Mantorp, and much more.

Fascinating Cars Peter in a red Porsche 959 back in the middle of the 1980´s. Lasse Jönsson in his best suite.
During the Swedish Car Fair, Lasse Jönsson gave me a couple of minutes to enjoy one of the most iconic cars in the world.

I smiled all the time, every time I got to sit next to someone in a different Porsche or a classic car. This made the gears of my interest in cars churn much faster.

After a few years, however, my life took a slightly different path, and my contact with Ulf grew distant. Yet, my passion for cars didn’t wane. Fascinating Cars later became my outlet for my automotive interest and the connecting with their owners.

Of all my heart, thank you, Ulf, for taking me with you and showing a young kid the fun world of cars.

Rest in horse power

Fast track with Peter

Fascinating Cars Peter on Las Vegas Speedway driving the Nascar Experience.
The far coolest driving experience in my world. Nascar at Las Vegas Speedway.

The craziest car ever driven:

Audi Ur-Quattro – trimmed to about 800 hp

The most fun driving experience:

25 laps of Nascar at Las Vegas Speedway

Biggest starstruck:

Meeting with Lewis Hamilton in a grocery store at 11pm on a Tuesday night in Los Angeles.

Later that weekend, he won the Silverstones GP.

Most enjoyable racing driver meetings:

1. Picko Troberg, such a star, character and icon.

2. Rickard Rydell and Stanley Dickens while we put together the Picko Troberg Memorial. Great stars!

Breath taking moments:

To sit alone in a Porsche 959 when I was 12 year old.

Arrive at Indy 500 for the first time and get hold of how big of a event it was and how huge the track really is.

Most enjoyable ride experience:

Getting a ride home by Rickard Rydell. New fresh snow on the ground and a BMW M4 that had only gone 150 miles.

To sum it up – Hold on and smile 

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