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What is Fascinating Cars?


Started as a car diary blogg in 2008

Fascinating Cars is a storytelling brand that focuses on Cars and its owner/s. The car does not have to be a million-dollar car or a car that everyone turns their head to see – the car just has to have a story to tell. Most of the time the owner gets included as well. 

It all started back in the blog start-up era in the mid-2000. I, Peter – the owner of Fascinating Cars, wanted to start a blog where I could talk about my biggest passion, cars. 

In the beginning, the blog was full of new releases, strange re-build vehicles, cool supercars, and stuff that was fascinating regarding cars. 

After almost 1000 posts on an every third-day basis, I realized that the chasing of news in the car world was draining my passion. It became more a hunt for news online instead of interact with like-minded. 

Maserati Mexico under renovation

The first Fascinating Car article in January 2019

In mid-2018 I took a new grip around the Fascinating Cars brand and start using my journalistic education and experience together with my photographic hobby-skills, to photograph and write about cars that had a story. 

In January 2019 saw the daylight with two articles about Patriks Hard Core Patina Porsche 912 from 1967 and the story about the President of the Swedish Maserati Club

Posters made by Fascinating Cars – shipped all over the world at local shipping cost

Future of Fascinating Cars

Fascinating Cars is driven as a passionated hobby project at the moment with an eager feeling of reaching out to cars that have a story to tell – and their owners of course. 

Hopefully, in the future Fascinating Cars is going to be more than just an online car magazine. There are plans of how this brand can be more integrating with the classic car community, as a Fascinating Cars Garage for example – or selling posters online – holding photo sessions together with other car enthusiasts etc. … the future will tell. 

Ferrari 308 GTB qv - about Fascinating Cars

Cooperation or opportunities?

Do you see cooperation opportunities in this kind of brand – do you need content on your homepage/magazine or do you have a great idea how we together can take this brand to the next level, please do call or e-mail. 

… of course, if you have a car with a great story, do please call or e-mail so we can make a story about it.

Please call – +46 73 933 26 67 or e-mail at

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2 thoughts on “What is Fascinating Cars?

  1. I just found your site from a “like” you left on my Facebook page…ChrisOnCars. I love the site…nice articles, great photography, and the subjects are pure class. Best of Luck…Keep Publishing!

    1. Thank you very much Chris!

      And the same to you. You have a fantastic great page as well. Love you content.

      Gonna mail you later, maybe we can do a guest appearance on each others page.

      Take care

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