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Grandpas Porsche 356

Porsche 356 white in sunset

This story and pictures are told by Steven Mazzapesa.  Grandpa´s Porsche 356 Fascinating Cars is about giving people a chance to tell their story or being part of a story. Steven reached out to me on our Facebook-page, after our Los Angeles trip and told his story about his Grandpa and the Porsche 356 c …

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The Lamborghini Cocktail


The Lamborghini Cocktail Ping! The note on the phone conveyed that the long-awaited message had landed in my Instagram inbox. “I am in Katrineholm at 12 o’clock. Moving cars. See you there.” Looking at the clock, realize that it takes me exactly two hours to come down from Stockholm to Katrineholm. Packs the camera, takes the …

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