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Grandpas Porsche 356


Grandpa’s Porsche 356 Fascinating Cars is about giving people a chance to tell their story or being part of a story. Steven reached out to me on our Facebook-page, after our Los Angeles trip and told his story about his Grandpa and the Porsche 356 c from 1965. The story is so special, beautiful and …

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The Lamborghini Cocktail


The Lamborghini Cocktail Ping! The note on the phone conveyed that the long-awaited message had landed in my Instagram inbox. “I am in Katrineholm at 12 o’clock. Moving cars. See you there.” Looking at the clock, realize that it takes me exactly two hours to come down from Stockholm to Katrineholm. Packs the camera, takes …

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Maserati Quattroporte Enthusiast


Meeting with Maserati Quattroporte enthusiast Everyone around me thinks I’m a car nerd, usually because I am more interested than them when it comes to four-wheeled, gas-smelling beauties from 30-40-50-60 years back in time. I have always seen myself as a car interested, never as a hard core car nerd or passionate car enthusiast. It …

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Patina Porsche 912


Patriks Patina Porsche 912 “I’ll let it be like this. Why have a shiny car and stand in line with the others. This stands out, that’s what I like.” Patrik Olsson’s words are clear and convincing. His Porsche 912 is a hard core patina Porsche that creates attention wherever he comes. The sun shines, but …

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What is Fascinating Cars?


Started as a car diary blogg in 2008 Fascinating Cars is a storytelling brand that focuses on Cars and its owner/s. The car does not have to be a million-dollar car or a car that everyone turns their head to see – the car just has to have a story to tell. Most of the …

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