Fascinaitng Cars logo picture with the Nardi wood steering wheel from the Porsche 912

Fiat Argenta Front PAge

Fiat Argenta - the unknown middle act

"This is what I could buy for after serving the Swedish Army." says Per with a smile on his lips. Now 30 years later the car have rolling 32.000 swedish mil and been racing aroung the Nurburgring.

This is the unknown middle act in Fiat´s modelprogram. - Click here to read the artcile and/or look at the pictures. 


Patina Kleinbus 1957

VW Kleinbus 1957 - Back from death

After 40 year as dead and nature as the only respirator and friend, Micke brought back the Pirates Kleinbus to life   - Click to read the article here


Magnum and Grandmas Pontiac Grand Am

“Magnum is gonna have this Pontiac Grand Am, when I pass away” – Magnum often heard this while he greeted his grandmother Lucretia Price in Detroit as a kid. Now Magnum drives it everyday.   - Click to read the article here


BMW 635 CSi Front Page

BMW 635 CSi - The High way shark

This 80´s yuppi car was Tomas dream, but before he had it, it have been through some interesting stories  - Click to read the article here


Ferrari 308 GTB QV behind the trees and leafs. Front page of Fascinating Cars

Ferrari 308 GTB QV - The dream that got modified

Torbjörn bought his dream car and modified direct to a perfect track car - Click to read the article here


Juan Salguero´s Honda Civic Cvcc from 1978

Honda Civic Cvcc from 1978 with 216 wild horsepowers

On the outside it looks original, when you lift the hood, it´s 100% modified  - Click to read the article here


More Articles on FAscinating Cars

Renault Alpine A310 - Eight year of dream car hell

From "We need to re-paint a little" to eight year of renovation work  - Click to read the article here

The Lamborghini Cocktail

The Lamborghini garage was so amazing I almost missed the Lamborghini Miura - Click to read the article here

"One final try"

A second later the boxer engine inside of the Porsche 912 turn in to flames  - Click to read the article here

Laying down in the dirt

The Maserati Quattroporte makes us crawl on the ground, due to the interesting technic - Click to read the article here


Alfa Romeo light blue standing in the garage and dark

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